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Olds College

Horizons Magazine

WORK: Designed while employed at Honey Design Marketing & Communications (Arcane).
ROLE: Senior Graphic Designer, Creative Director. SCOPE: Magazine design

Celebrating their 150th anniversary led to a rebrand of their quarterly alumni publication which had been previously designed in house and had very low readership and recall. Olds College wanted to engage their audience and bring attention to the many interesting stories featuring past alumni and current faculty, strengthening relationships for the future and positioning the college more professionally.

Working with an internal system of contacts, that changed from issue to issue, presented a challenge to have content supplied in a consistent form. There were numerous changes to the content of the magazine, which had to remain on time and on budget. Often these changes meant a reformatting of the magazine. There were font and colour restrictions, to compliment the Olds College branding guidelines. Fortunately, Olds commissioned photography and provided generally very strong images.

The magazine was taken internally, using the style guide created.

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