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Jolly Jumper

WORK: Designed while employed at Honey Design Marketing & Communications (Now Arcane)

ROLE: Senior Graphic Designer, Creative Director

SCOPE: Brand evolution, Packaging

Jolly Jumper is an international brand sold in-store at retailers like Target, Toys R’ Us, etc., as well as online via Amazon. Established in the 1950’s, the brand had undergone several packaging design changes over the years. The requirement to keep their existing logo had to be considered in a solution that had to work across more than a 100 different product SKUs with a wide variety of packaging types, print production methods and size variations. A packaging brand audit reviewed competitors and did an environmental, on-shelf assessment and then proposed several concepts with a recommendation for one that addressed practical requirements but more importantly, created brand differentiation and distinguished them from their competitors many of who have copied their products.


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