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Citizens Bank

WORK: Designed while employed at Cineplex Digital Media.
ROLE: Creative Director, Senior Graphic Designer. SCOPE: Large area printing, digital design

Citizens Bank knows that the foundation of its business is the people that create it. They are great example of understanding the space and creating a new experience. In addition to the digital content that Amanda (CDM) provided for Citizens Bank, they approached for a print installation as a statement piece in the Westwood branch in Boston. Creating 

Our Westwood lobby credo wall is now complete! I am so happy with how it came out. Another great example of your (CDM) creative capabilities and partnership with Citizens. Great job and thank you for all your hard work on this environmental design project!

Jill Miller, Senior Vice President
Interior Design, Signage & Branch Marketing


FUN FACT. This creative was made to accommodate two black screens (3x3) that was installed broken, Last minute creative was created post install to allow the opening of the opening of the flag ship branch. Can you find the two black screens?

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