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Forked River Brewing Company

WORK: Designed while employed at Honey Design Marketing & Communications (Arcane)

ROLE: Senior Graphic Designer, Creative Director. SCOPE: Logo design, web design, packaging design

Forked River Brewing Company launched London’s first independent brewery in many years. Focused on providing quality, natural brews with a distinct flavour profile, their target demographic was the mainly male, urban, educated consumer. Starting with a brand audit, the brand position of "Taste the way less travelled" was developed along with the names of their two launch varieties; Capital Blonde Ale and Riptide Rye Ale. Design of the quirky Blackletter ligature logo of ‘FR’ with its directional arrows and application of the brand identity to labels, promotional items, social media and website, was all coordinated to present a polished brand that caught the attention not only of the London market, but also Toronto and beyond. 

Branding this microbrewery was a rare gift for creative people; the product was fantastic (what could be more fun than beer?) but the trust the clients put in us made our work for this launch incredibly successful. From logo to package design to website and the use of social media, this is a great best practices case study.

Featured on Packaging of the World.


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