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The Beebrand Manifesto

WORK: Honey Design  ROLE: Senior Graphic Designer, Creative Director. SCOPE: Book Design

The Beebrand® Manifesto
Book Design

DESIGN TEAM  Creative Director: Robin Honey, RGD; Associate Creative Director:
Amanda Bolte; Designers: Amanda Bolte and Sandy Coquim, RGD; Photography: Rachel Lincoln and Amanda Bolte  

project objectives  The BeeBrand Manifesto was designed to highlight Robin
Honey’s expertise in the area of branding and be used as a self promotional
and educational tool for the firm, Honey Design.  

target audience  The primary audience was SME (small, medium enterprise)
and an audience with general interest in design and branding.

concept  Designed to illustrate the text with examples, the idea was to make
what was written as an easy-to-read and succinct explanation of brand even
more compelling with images. The balance of text and images had to work in
concert and have a rhythm in the printed piece that made sense.

design issues  Using the idea of a manifesto as strong and authoritative, a black background and the right combination of fonts were chosen for the cover that would convey this. The interior of the book had to divide the text in the square format (chosen to be different than ‘textbooks’) and create a flow with the images that made sense but had a high aesthetic. It also could not be too ‘self promotional’, but rather educational, which required a different approach than our usual internal pieces. 

design process  Starting with the cover and end paper, we created the beginning
and end of the book and then worked through the pages as sections. Having control over the images also required some photography to be commissioned and some
was done in house to have the right level of impact. Creating continuity in these images while making sure they made sense to the text was a challenge.   

outcome/results  Designed to help clients (and even non-clients) make better decisions, this book has turned out to be a great prospect identification tool; those that have read it and identified with the message have already done their homework when they come to us. It has also raised the company profile and established us
as brand experts, which was the intention.

date when produced   March 2013


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