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London Health Sciences Centre

WORK: Freelance Design ROLE: Senior Graphic Designer, Creative Director. SCOPE: Book Design

London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC)
Annual Report

DESIGN TEAM  Creative Director: Robin Honey, RGD; Associate Creative
Director: Amanda Bolte; Designers: Amanda Bolte and Sandy Coquim, RGD 

project objectives  Each year, LHSC published an Annual Report showcasing accomplishments, strategic direction, medical firsts, patient stories and research innovations. For the first time, the report was to include the two foundations: London Health Sciences Foundation (LHSF) and Children’s Health Foundation. 

target audience  The primary audience was employees, patients, friends and family associated with LHSC. The secondary audience was the general public interested in healthcare in London.

concept  The client wanted to highlight the fact that they are the only healthcare centre in London that has accreditation to use the “H” symbol on their building. Previous annual reports had always focused on people, as this is the most compelling way to tell the heath breakthroughs and stories that inspire donors and instill pride and morale in internal stakeholders. Our solution took those human images made them the background to displaying the H, diecut in the cover. The concept was used throughout the annual report and adapted for the Annual Community Meeting materials, as well as LHSF’s Donor of Distinction materials.

design issues  Finding a solution that allowed us to use the human element while fulfilling the clients wish to indicate their status as a hospital, while also working to incorporate the two foundations in a consistent manner was our challenge. 

design process  We showed the client a variety of options in rough mood boards, as well as print samples of die cut solutions. With a committee of 10, the concept we presented as the best solution was unanimously accepted.   

outcome/results  The client was happy (communication manager level) and so was the CEO of the hospital who used the report in her talks with government officials and the media to explain LHSC’s place in the community.

date when produced   June 2011


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